Support IRSOL

The research activity in Locarno Monti carried on at the Specola Solare Ticinese and at the Istituto ricerche solari Aldo e Cele Daccò (IRSOL) is made possible also thanks to the financial support of the Associazione Specola Solare Ticinese (ASST) and of the Associazione Istituto Ricerche Solari Locarno (AIRSOL) (see articles of the associations, only Italian version).

New members are welcome!

To become member of the association please fill the online membership request form or please take contact with us.

The ordinary annual fee amounts to 20 CHF. Included in the annual fee is the subscription (sent only to Switzerland) to the bi-monthly magazine “Meridiana” edited in collaboration with the Ticino Astronomical Society.

Associazione Specola Solare Ticinese
Via ai Monti 146
6605 Locarno-Monti
Swiss postal account number: 65-3332-7

In case of questions please take contact with us.

Many thanks for your support!