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Gregory-Coudé, evacuated, primary mirror has a diameter of 45 cm, total focal length: 25 m.


Czerny-Turner, focal length: 10 m, grating 180 mm x 360 mm, 316 lines / mm, blaze 63°.


Zurich IMaging Polarimeter (ZIMPOL). Sensitivity can reach 0.001%.

Fabry-Perot filter system

Tunable narrow-band filter system based on two lithium-niobate Fabry-Perot etalons. It allows monochromatic imaging at any wavelength from 395 nm to 660 nm.

Adaptive optic system

Tip-tilt and deformable mirror with 37 actuators.

Telescope scheme



Since February 2019 IRSOL is the new host Institute of the e-CALLISTO project. The e-CALLISTO instrument array is an international network of Solar radio spectrometers that has been developed, deployed and maintained by Christian Monstein at the former Institute of Astronomy at ETH Zurich. The main applications are observation of solar radio bursts and radio frequency monitoring for astronomical science, education and outreach.

More information can be found on the e-CALLISTO project web page.