Seminar talk by Andrei Gorobets

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Title: Solar surface magnetism without feature tracking.

by: Andrei Gorobets (KIS, Freiburg)

The observed magnetic field on the solar surface is characterized by a very complex spatial and temporal behavior. Although feature-tracking algorithms have allowed us to deepen our understanding of this behavior, subjectivity plays an important role in the identification and tracking of such features. In my talk, I will present recent results obtained in studies of the temporal stochasticity of the photospheric magnetic field without relying either on the concept of magnetic features or on subjective assumptions about their identification and interaction. The topic will cover observational evidences and applications of the Markov nature of BLOS fluctuations and stochastic entropy production with an exact thermodynamical relationships.

1. doi:10.3847/2041-8205/825/2/L18
2. 2017arXiv171008361G